Credit card thieves could cause credit dispute

While a number of factors can cause a credit dispute between a consumer and one of the major credit bureaus, many result from cases of identity theft and fraud that has been long overlooked.

In addition, it is now easier than ever for a consumer to become the victim of credit fraud, as many credit cards now come equipped with special chips that can be easily exploited by crooks.

To make transactions faster, many cards come with Radio Frequency Identification Technology, which can be exploited by thieves who can capture a consumer's information with the wave of a scanner.

"As a criminal, what you can do is walk by someone if you have an RFID reader and you can scan the data that's in there," Georgia Detective Ricardo Arias told Georgia NBC affiliate WMGT.

By not looking at their credit reports, and waiting to dispute these questionable transactions, consumers may find it harder to have these claims removed. In addition, they may find they are now liable for a greater percentage of the total than if the claim was disputed earlier.

Consumers who experience this difficulty should contact a credit repair company, as they can work with the credit bureaus and merchants to help overturn these fraudulent charges.