Credit companies increasing rewards offers

While stricter rules have made it more difficult for consumers to obtain credit, a new report indicates some companies are loading their cards with special offers to try and attract customers.

According to a study performed by the financial services firm Javelin Strategy and Research, card issuers are offering more incentives, such as rewards programs and frequent flier miles.

Such incentives "have definitely ramped up big time," said Amber Stubbs, managing editor for credit card comparison website

However, in order to qualify to receive the rewards, the website says borrowers need a stellar credit score. In addition, some of the card offerings have high interest rates, so it may not be in a consumer's interest to apply, particularly if the rewards offer likely won't be redeemed.

"If you know that you're not going to use the card all the time and really get the most out of the rewards program, then obviously you don't want to sign up for an airline card," said Stubbs.

Credit companies take a consumer's FICO score into account before approving a loan request. Bad credit may diminish the consumer's chances of being approved. However, a credit repair company may be able to rebuild credit by looking for questionable markings that may have caused their score to drop.