Credit scores fall nationwide

U.S. consumers have seen their credit scores drop two points to 665 during the first three months of 2011, according to data from

Despite the drop, the report found some positive signs for consumers, including a six percent deduction in credit card debt. Individuals in cities like Chicago, Boston and New York have decreased the amount they owe on their plastic by up to 8 percent.

"Despite consumers' best efforts to reduce debt, credit scores continue to decline," said Ken Lin, CEO of the finance website. "These lowered scores could be the result of larger economic pressures such as the housing market slump and sustained high unemployment."

Consumers who have used their credit more responsibly in recent months, but have not seen their actions reflected in their credit score, may want to look at their credit report.

Individuals who find an error or inaccurate credit reporting mark on their documents, may be able to obtain a quick credit fix. If they spot a problematic item, these credit users may want to contact a credit repair attorney to help them investigate the marks and work through the dispute process. Clearing these blemishes from a credit report may be the help consumers need to obtain a healthy credit score.