Creditors seeking payment from next of kin

Soon after a family member passes away, some individuals are being bombarded with statements from the deceased's creditors demanding remuneration for unpaid debts, according to CNNMoney.

"I find this not only ethically abhorrent, but also irresponsible," Denise Townley told the news outlet. Townley said her mother recently passed away, and within two weeks, she was informed by her mother's creditor of the payment she owed, wanting Townley to assume the debt.

Gerri Detweiler, a debt specialist at credit card comparison website, told CNNMoney that creditors typically contact a deceased person's next of kin soon after their passing because the longer the company waits to receive payment, the less likely it is the debt will be taken care of.

She added, however, that family members are not obligated to pay for these debts unless they cosigned for a loan taken out by the person who recently passed away.

If someone has cosigned, their credit may be adversely affected if the debt goes unpaid. However, occasionally, creditors may make mistakes which may lower the cosigner's score, even though the debt has been paid off. A credit repair company may be able to solve this issue by filing a credit dispute letter.