Debt, credit among consumers primary complaints

A new survey conducted by the Consumer Federation of America indicates credit and debt are among Americans' chief financial complaints. Leading the way were gripes regarding automotive issues.

Anna Huddleston-Aycock, president of the North American Consumer Protection Investigators, said the findings were as she expected.

"Given the lingering recession, it is not surprising that credit and debt complaints remain second only to auto problems," said Huddleston-Aycock. "Many of the complaint examples that agencies provided were related to the difficult financial situations that consumers and businesses faced last year."

She added that people who are in debt often dig themselves into a deeper hole by accepting personal loan offers from online companies that turn out to be scammers.

While debt, credit and auto-related complaints have been on the list before, the report indicated there were some new additions. These included problems with group discount coupons, medical billing, data breaches, tax-related scams and billing disputes that have taken years to settle.

If billing disputes aren't corrected, they can wind up costing consumers, as credit bureaus may lower their FICO score. If a consumer's credit score has been adversely affected due to questionable markings on their report, a credit repair company may be able to fix what's at issue.