Delinquencies down 11.6 percent in March

Foreclosure activity increased during March, which may be a troubling sign for many homeowners.

Lender Processing Services' March Mortgage Monitor reports foreclosure inventory reached 2.2 million – a record high – and foreclosure starts rose 33 percent, both of which may indicate that the housing market is still struggling in its recovery.

One bright spot for consumers was the 11.6 percent drop in delinquencies from February to March; though, it's uncertain whether the decline was a result of improved payments or more delinquent loans moving into foreclosure.

A number of consumers who are having trouble meeting their home loan obligations may be looking to refinance their mortgages, but don't have the credit score to qualify for a reduced rate.

Some of these refinance applicants may be missing out on a more affordable mortgage plan as a result of a mistake on their credit reports or because of an unfair and inaccurate mark.

In either case, consumers whose credit report is unfairly tarnished by a problematic or questionable item may want to take steps to get their credit fixed. By contacting a credit repair attorney, these individuals may receive the guidance and support they need to investigate and challenge harmful blemishes.