Employers often hire year round

A new survey may come as good news for individuals who are seeking employment or are looking to land a second job.

The poll, conducted by the job search website CareerBuilder, found that 43 percent of U.S. employers continuously recruit workers throughout the year, often times when positions aren't yet available.

Of the employers who enlist potential employees on a consistent basis, the survey found that 72 percent said that it had reduced the time in which it takes to typically hire someone when needed, ultimately helping the business save money.

This likely serves as a welcome development for consumers who may be in the market for another job, some of whom may be seeking one due to having high debt levels. Securing a second source of income can help improve individuals' credit scores if they use the money they earn to help pay down their credit card debt.

Occasionally, individuals' FICO scores may lower not because they have outstanding bills or have missed payments but because of unfair or errant marks made by a creditor. Keeping track of their credit histories can help consumers avoid this issue.