Employment gains may help consumers improve financial standing

Improvements in employment numbers may mean consumers are one step closer to obtaining clean credit.

After accounting for seasonal factors, private-sector employment rose 217,000 from January to February, according to the ADP's latest National Employment Report. The average gain from December through February was more than three times the average increase during the previous six-month period.

The fact that thousands of Americans are returning to work is a positive sign for the nation's economy and consumer credit overall. Individuals who had bad credit may now have the financial means to pay off their debt and improve their credit score.

These consumers may be able to further improve their financial standing by reviewing their credit report for problematic items. Individuals who find a questionable mark on their document that might be hampering their credit score may want to contact a credit repair company.

A credit repair attorney can work with creditors and credit bureaus to potentially remove the unfair item from an individual's report. This credit fix may boost consumers' scores, enabling them to qualify for better interest rates on future loans.