Employment numbers plummet in May

A new employment report from ADP shows that the job market slowed drastically in May.

Although there were more than 177,000 new jobs added in the United States from March to April, that growth dropped last month to 38,000, according to ADP's latest National Employment Report.

With GDP rising only 1.8 percent during the first quarter of the year, the decrease in employment numbers weren't a huge surprise, the report said.

Job seekers continued to find opportunities in the service-providing sector, as this segment of the market gained 48,000 positions, helping it achieve its 17th straight month of positive employment figures. The goods-producing sector, however, took a turn for the worse, seeing 10,000 fewer opportunities during the month.

With sparse job opportunities, applicants must be taking every measure possible to show their worth to potential employers. With a number of managers using credit checks to trim their applicant pool, it may be more important than ever for consumers to check their credit reports for any inaccurate or questionable marks.

Items that are reported in error or without following federal mandates are subject to an investigation. Consumers who need assistance identifying a mistake or an unfair credit reporting mark may want to contact a credit lawyer for guidance.