Experts: Economic forecast bleak, but another recession unlikely

The U.S. may not experience another recession within the next 12 months, but there likely won't be noticeable improvement to the country's economy during that period either, according to a new poll of financial experts.

The reason economists have this view is linked to the combination of high unemployment and limited consumer spending, according to the Associated Press survey.

Beth Ann Bovino, senior economist at the credit rating agency Standard and Poor's and one of 43 financial experts polled by the AP, said her outlook has grown worse in recent months.

"I had been saying it was a half-speed recovery," said Bovino. "Now, it's a quarter-speed recovery.

Her declining sentiment was shared by other economists, who put the likelihood of another recession at 26 percent. In June, economists put the chances of a recession at 15 percent.

Most economists agree that 70 percent of the economy is fueled by consumer spending. As such, it's important for consumers to stay on top of their credit so that they can continue to receive low interest rates. If consumers think their FICO score should be higher than it is, they may want to consult with a credit repair attorney who can help determine if a credit report is accurate.