Few have saved for retirement throughout life

A new survey indicates that while a majority of individuals believe people should start saving for their retirement when they get their first jobs, few have actually done so.

According to online banking company ING Direct, 89 percent of respondents agreed that retirement savings should begin when they first enter the working world and that it should continue throughout their life. However, only 28 percent said they have accomplished this.

"You have to plan for retirement from day one in the workforce, even as little as a 5 percent salary contribution annually is going to help retirement come sooner," said Arkadi Kujhlmann, president and CEO of the company. "By using the tools available to help you plan, you can have the retirement lifestyle you always wanted."

Retirement saving was particularly limited among younger respondents. The survey found that of those who were in their 20s, less than half read about planning or checked their credit score.

If left unchecked, inaccurate marks on a credit report can cause one's score to lower, making it more difficult to obtain prime lending rates for home mortgages.