Few say they have more to be thankful for this year

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, a new poll indicates consumers believe they have fewer things to be grateful for in 2011 than they have in years past.

The Harris Poll found that just one-third of respondents were more thankful this year for the things they had, with approximately two in five saying they were about as appreciative in 2011 as they were in 2010.

When asked about what things they were most grateful for, 85 percent cited their health and their familial relationships. In contrast, the one thing that a majority of Americans said they were not thankful for was the economy at 67 percent

If finances are tight for consumers, the situation can be complicated if there are discrepancies on their credit reports. This can drive down credit scores, making it more difficult to finance purchases, among other things.

Even though consumers cited poor economic conditions as the top thing they were least grateful for, the poll also found that the older consumers were, the more likely it was that they would be appreciative of their financial standing.