Fewer Americans to feel jolly this holiday

As the 25th of December and the shopping season nears, fewer people are expected to be in the holiday spirit.

According to Consumer Reports Holiday Shopping Poll, 33 percent of Americans said they anticipate being happier this year compared to 2010, when 40 percent said they expected to feel jolly.

Tod Marks, senior editor of Consumer Reports, said money is an issue that's weighing on many people's minds.

"As we approach the 2011 winter holidays—the fourth straight season set against a backdrop of economic uncertainly—Americans remain fixated on finances: their own and that of the nation," said Marks. "So it's not surprising that people are even more intent on watching their dollars, shopping on a set budget and, of course, bargain-hunting."

Something that can put a severe damper on things for a consumer is finding that their credit score has been lowered due to an inaccurate mark made by a creditor. With buying activity typically increasing during the holidays, consumers may want to review their credit histories more frequently to make sure they remain free of unfair or inaccurate credit reporting.