Financial woes affect sleep for women

When individuals are worried about their finances, women are more likely than men to lose sleep as a result, a new study from a digital account management service asserts.

The poll, commissioned by and conducted by the Catalyst Group, found that 30 percent of women said they had trouble resting at night because of money concerns. It was the most frequently cited reason why women said they couldn't sleep.

When the same question was asked of men, "nothing" was the most common response at 35 percent.

Jessica Insalaco, chief marketing officer for Manilla, said the survey's results are an indication of the financial burden women often place on themselves.

"[Money] problems impact nearly everyone's health and happiness and many times women bear that brunt even more than men," said Insalaco. "Maintaining an organized financial life can mean less stress and more healthful choices."

Occasionally, money woes can result through no fault of the consumer, as creditors may make questionable notations on a credit report, erroneously lowering a consumer's score. A credit repair company may be able to put a consumer's mind at ease by identifying what marks shouldn't belong so that their credit can be restored.