Garden State residents with highest average mortgage down payments

A new survey has been released that details which states' residents tend to pay the most for down payments on a home.

According to LendingTree, New Jersey residents have the highest average down payments of all 50 states and Washington, D.C., spending an average of 13.76 percent of the value of their properties. The state with the lowest down payment average is North Dakota, where residents shell out an average of 11.37 percent.

Regulators are considering passing a bill that would require homebuyers to put 20 percent down on a property in order to get the most favorable rates. But considering that the highest average homeowners put down is less than 14 percent, LendingTree's CEO says that would be a mistake.

"If federal regulators were to adopt the proposed 20 percent down payment requirement, a majority of borrowers wouldn't be able to meet the standard given the findings in this report," said Doug Lebda. "The proposed rule is part of a larger set of requirements that would exempt qualified borrowers from risk retention requirements."

A strong credit report is among many things lenders take into consideration when deciding whether or not to approve a loan request.