Housing market issues preventing many from moving

A recent analysis of data from the Census Bureau shows that many consumers are locked into their current locations and unable to move due to the struggles of the housing market.

During the past few decades, the New York Times says that analysis by the Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire found many people moving from the Northeast and California to the South. But those changes have slowed in recent years.

"These places that were getting real new interest amid the bubble are not seeing that anymore, and in a way it is making people give another place a second look," William Frey, a senior demographer at the Brookings Institution, told the Times. "If nobody can buy or sell their homes, there’s going to be a stagnancy."

Analysts told the paper domestic migration last year was at its lowest level since it was first recorded in the 1940s.

Those looking to buy a home and relocate for work or other considerations may be wise to check their credit reports for any errant markings that could be affecting their scores. In a difficult economy, even small issues could derail plans.