Housing market may limit economic growth

After years of struggling, the U.S. economy is slowly moving toward recovery. Yet, many financial experts say one sector of the economy is holding back more substantial growth.

According to CNN Money, the country's hurting housing market continues to restrict the economy from achieving greater gains.

"What we've seen today is an economy that's growing, but not growing as fast as we'd like it to grow," Martin Regalia, chief economist for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, told the news source. "But the good news is: We are growing."

The economic resurgence has encouraged a number of lenders to extend more financing deals during the past few months, which has many consumers in a frenzy to get their credit in order.

One way Americans may be able to improve bad credit is by looking over their credit reports for any questionable items. Consumers can investigate and dispute any marks they come across that may have been posted in error or against federal rules for fair reporting.