iOS a popular platform for mobile credit card processing

Many companies are now developing mobile credit card processing applications and hardware for various devices that allow businesses to handle these purchases, and it seems that the most popular operating system for these platforms is put out by Apple.

The popular iOS mobile device operating system for Apple products, such as the iPhone and iPad, seems to be the preferred development platform for the most popular mobile credit card processing applications, both are already available and in development, according to a report from MacWorld. Businesses and developers alike seem to prefer the Apple products for these transactions because of their ease of use, ubiquity and popularity.

"We took on the iPad because they’re selling like hotcakes," Twistee Treat CEO Corey Balzer told the site. "For us, because we're a 30-year-old brand, it really updated our brand overnight. The more Apple does — obviously they’re doing pretty well — we're piggybacking off of that."

Mobile transactions are safer than traditional credit card purchases because of the way payment data is digitally encrypted. However, consumers should also take the time to check their credit reports regularly to ensure there are no unfair or errant markings dragging their scores down.