Job seekers with bad credit may have trouble obtaining employment

Although the U.S. employment market is improving, many Americans continue to find themselves searching for a job. A recent report indicates that employers may be reviewing more than just applicants' resumes during the hiring process; they may be looking over individuals' credit as well.

With demand for employment outpacing supply, recruiters have been using a number of criterion unrelated to a potential worker's resume to narrow down their selections, MSNBC reports. For example, individuals who have bad credit may be excluded from particular jobs.

Roughly 60 percent of companies in the United States conduct credit screenings during the hiring process, which has drawn the ire of some legislators. A number of states are considering introducing laws that would limit employers' use of credit checks, though the report said new regulations are unlikely to go into effect during the current Congressional session.

Until new laws are passed, job seekers may benefit from reviewing their credit reports for questionable items that may be unfairly hurting their credit. Applicants who find an errant item can contact a credit repair attorney who may be able to help investigate and dispute these marks from the individual's credit report. Resolving these improper items may provide consumers with the credit fix they need to become a more attractive job candidate.