Just 3 percent would continue using debit card if fees were charged

Only a small percentage of consumers say they would continue to use their debit card as they do normally if their bank began charging a fee.

According to the study conducted by the National Foundation of Credit Counseling, just 3 percent of 2,400 respondents said usage fees would not force them to conduct their financial transactions differently.

"People have become very aware of how they spend their money, even small amounts, and that's a good thing," said Gail Cunningham, spokesperson for the NFCC. "The poll results send a strong message, but … only time will tell if people will follow through and actually change long-ingrained habits."

The most common thing respondents said they would do if their bank began charging debit fees was to find a bank that doesn't impose fees, but other frequent responses were paying for things with cash and charging purchases more often.

If a consumer's bank has begun charging fees, Cunningham recommends asking the institution to waive them before leaving the financial institution altogether, citing how long they have been a loyal customer.

If consumers are planning on increasing their use of credit, they should review their credit histories to ensure there are no discrepancies. Customers should have these issues addressed if they believe the marks have been made in error.