Lenders pushing less expensive credit cards

As competition heats up for borrowers with both low and high credit score, those in the middle of these groups will likely find that they're seeing more offers for no-frills credit cards instead.

Consumers who have generally worked to reduce the amount of debt they carry and want to avoid racking up sizable balances once again may be able to do so with the latest round of credit card offers from banks, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. Those who cannot qualify for rewards cards offered to borrowers with top-notch credit scores, but are in good enough shape that cards aimed at subprime borrowers aren't desirable, may find that cards with lower rates and few perks are a reasonable middle ground.

These cards are generally far less expensive, and carry not only interest rates in the single digits, but also typically don't come with any annual fees, the report said. Lenders believe there is a market for consumers who want to borrow but not pay a lot.

Credit card offers may be difficult for some consumers to qualify for, but checking a credit report can help inform a financial decision. Sometimes, these documents contain mistakes that can hurt a borrower's standing.