Lenders sending out more offers to subprime Americans

Consumers who saw their credit ratings slip during the recent national recession may have had trouble finding access to new credit cards in the past, but many are now receiving more offers.

The marketing research giant Synovate recently released data showing that some 418 million offers for new credit card accounts were sent by lenders to subprime borrowers in the first nine months of 2011, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. That's nearly six for each of the nation's 70 million or so borrowers with below-average credit ratings, and nearly double the number sent out in the same period during 2010.

"No one wants to repeat the past, but lenders are trying to take some educated chances," Trevor Carone, vice president of marketing for the credit bureau Experian, told the newspaper.

Some consumers may have subprime credit ratings through no fault of their own. Often, Americans are burdened with credit report notations that weren't reported in accordance with applicable laws, and these may be lowering their credit scores unfairly. Working with a credit repair company can help them resolve the problem.