Lenders still not issuing credit cards to college students

A confluence of regulatory issues and generally questionable borrowing habits has led many lenders to continue to refrain from issuing credit cards to young adults even as they continue to broaden lending to other consumers.

In general, credit card lenders are now granting more cards to consumers with healthier borrowing histories, but even as they also open accounts to those who have defaulted in the past, those in their early 20s are still largely being ignored, according to a report from the Chicago Tribune. This has become especially true as marketing of rewards credit cards has become more prevalent in recent months.

Students may have access to some rewards credit cards, but even still, the benefits afforded to them on these accounts tend to be less generous than those for other consumers' cards, the report said. This is especially true for the bonus rewards granted for meeting certain spending thresholds within the first few months the account is open.

Consumers who want to find the best possible deals on new lines of credit should check their credit report before applying. These documents sometimes contain unfair markings that may deny them access to the best offers available.