Maintaining monthly expenses Americans’ top financial concern

In today's rough economic climate, a new survey is detailing the top financial concerns for men and women.

Conducted by MassMutual Retirement Services, the poll asked respondents what was pressing on their minds the most with respect to finances. At 21 percent, the most common response was keeping up with monthly expenses, followed closely by saving enough for retirement at 18 percent.

In addition to getting Americans' general concerns about finances, the poll also looked into how responses differed among men and women and age groups. For example, among individuals 60 years of age and older, the top concerns were being able to afford paying for treatment should they be afflicted with a serious illness and longer term care costs for themselves and their spouse.

Meanwhile, among men and women, men were more concerned about retirement, while women were more distressed about keeping up with monthly expenses.

If consumers fall behind on paying off their bills, particularly credit card payments, it can adversely impact their credit scores. Consumers can often obtain a free credit score report online to see where they stand.