Major websites now accepting non-credit payment

Due to bad credit or limited income, many consumers may be swearing off credit cards and opting to make purchases by check or cash. However, because so many people buy goods and services online, Time magazine recently questioned whether this payment method was allowable at some of the web's leading retailers.

For example, at iTunes, Time found non-credit forms of payment were accepted by buying a gift card from a brick and mortar store. Amazon was similarly accommodating, as most items could be purchased by check.

A website that wasn't as obliging, according to Time, was Groupon. The company says a credit card or debit card is needed to purchase everything they offer.

While consumers may purchase smaller items without credit, significant items — such as a home or a car — typically require a consumer to have clean credit if they're looking to finance a purchase. However, the chances of a lender granting a loan request are slim if the applicant has bad credit. A credit attorney may be able to raise a consumer's three-digit score, increasing the chances their loan will be approved, by identifying errant markings on a report.