Many consumers continue to report poor financial situations

Consumer confidence continued to fall during the month of September as the economy failed to pick up steam, according to a new report.

Confidence fell 3.5 percent during the month to a mark of 77 percent in Discover Financial Services' U.S. Spending Monitor, which is just 1.3 points above the record low from February 2009. In addition, the survey found that two-thirds of consumers said the economy was in poor condition – just one point off of the record high.

Those negative attitudes carried over to consumers' personal financial situations, as the report found 57 percent of Americans reported their finances were worsening, which was up 4 percentage points from August.

Many added that they would cut back on spending and 44 percent also said they would have no money left after paying off their monthly bills.

While cutting back may help consumers avoid damaging their credit scores, they may also want to review their credit reports for any unfair or inaccurate marks, which can affect their financial standing.