Many seeking second job to help pay for holidays

As the holiday spending season approaches, a new survey indicates that many Americans will seek a second job to help them afford the gifts they'll be buying.

According to a poll conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of, more than one in five respondents said they plan on seeking a second job to help pay for the holidays this year, with 12 percent saying they had already gotten one.

Jackie Warrick, president and chief savings officer at, said that while the holidays are a joyful time of year, they can put a strain on individuals financial situations.

"Holiday obligations, such as buying gifts, entertaining and traveling can add up very quickly," said Warrick. "As a result, many consumers are mapping out their budget far in advance, using coupons and setting aside money to minimize the effect of holiday expenses, and, to limit their debt."

Holding a second job can help consumers bring down their revolving debt levels to help improve their credit scores. This will come in handy when they're buying, as the survey found that using credit cards was the second most common way respondents planned to purchase items for the holidays.