Mississippi’s marginal job growth felt by consumers

Mississippi job seekers may not be seeing the kind of growth in the employment market they'd like, according to a recent report.

The state saw a 1.2 percent year-over-year growth rate in new jobs in February 2011. However, this past February also marked a rise in Mississippi's unemployment rate, which increased 0.1 percentage points in month-over-month figures, The Associated Press reports.

At 10.2 percent, the state's unemployment rate is more than a full percentage point higher than the national figure, indicating the hardship many Mississippi residents are currently facing. High unemployment may indicate that consumers are not bringing in the resources they need to meet their debt obligations. As a result, some may end up with bad credit.

These individuals may have even more incentive to check their credit reports for mistaken items, as any unfair marks on their documents may be causing even more damage to their scores. Mississippi residents who find themselves in this predicament may want to contact a credit repair attorney, who may be able to investigate and dispute any claims that appear on credit reports by mistake.