More Americans cite unemployment as top economic concern

Whether its the state of the housing market or the size of the federal deficit, there are many things consumers may be worried about when it comes to the country's economic vitality. But chief among consumers' concerns is the high rate of unemployment.

That's according to the latest poll conducted by Job Creators Alliance, an organization composed of current and retired CEOs and entrepreneurs. After surveying 1,000 adults nationwide, JCA's study indicates more than half of Americans say the number of unemployed people in the country is their top gripe when it comes to the economy.

Other concerns cited by respondents included too little regulation and oversight of business and the cost of fuel at the pump. However, compared to the last time a similar poll was conducted, the number of people citing fuel prices as their top concern fell preciptiously – from 38 percent in May to 20 percent in June.

JCA says it will conduct another poll later this month to gauge whether unemployment is still an issue.

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