More consumers feel confident about the economy, poll finds

A recent national survey from the Pew Economic Mobility Project found Americans feel more confident about the economy now than they did in 2009, with slightly more than half thinking it is poor, compared with 73 percent two years ago.

According to the poll, 68 percent of Americans think they have or will achieve the American Dream and their kids will have adult lives that are at least as comfortable as they are now.

"Americans are looking to policy makers to support their efforts to get ahead," said Erin Currier, project manager for Pew’s Economic Mobility Project. "Even in the wake of the Great Recession, there is a strong belief that people can work hard and be successful, no matter their starting point, and their optimism remains strong."

One way consumers may be able to improve their financial situations on their own is by looking for ways to boost their credit scores. Because a credit score can play a major part in securing a job, obtaining a mortgage or getting approved for a low-interest credit card, it's important that individuals keep their three-digit numbers as strong as possible.

Checking for unfair and inaccurate marks on credit reports may provide a quick credit fix for many individuals. Thanks to federal legislation, credit companies must not only report accurately but in compliance with certain mandates. Any individuals who spot a mark on their reports that don't meet both of these criteria may benefit from working with a credit repair service.