More than half of job hunters finding new employment

While finding employment may be a difficult task for some, a new survey is indicating job seekers' prospects may be improving.

Approximately 60 percent of individuals who were laid off in the last year have gone on to find full-time employment, according to the latest survey conducted by the job hunting website

While some job seekers were able to find new positions in the same field they were already in, the survey found that the overwhelming majority — 54 percent — landed a position in an entirely different field.

Brent Rasmussen, president of CareerBuilder, said the country needs to do a better of informing those seeking employment regarding where the jobs are.

"We have a growing skills gap and the need to get millions of Americans back to work," said Rasmussen. "As the economy recovers, we need to focus on retraining and ‘re-skilling’ workers to help them move to new fields with a greater number of opportunities."

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