Most Americans confident about future financial situation

Even though few people are buying homes and the unemployment rate remains in elevated territory, a majority of Americans say they are optimistic about their financial futures, a new survey indicates.

Conducted by investment firm Lincoln Financial, the poll found that 66 percent of consumers said their economic conditions were headed in the right direction and were confident it would remain that way in the days and months ahead. However, when consumers were asked to compare their fiscal health with their physical health, most said they were more confident about their physical well-being.

"Americans who feel in control of their destinies share a common mindset—one that is focused on positive, constructive behaviors every day," said Mark Konen, president of insurance and retirement solutions for Lincoln Financial. "Nonetheless, we were surprised to learn that Americans feel more in control of their health than their financial futures."

He added that consumers should develop a financial plan so they can gain a more firm grasp of their personal economic situation.

Part of that plan should be reviewing one's credit report, which a consumer can obtain for free online. The higher the score, the more likely it is they will be viewed as a well-qualified borrower should they ever need to apply for a loan.