Nearly 90 percent of Americans do not expect a raise next year

Although everyday costs for Americans continue to rise, a large majority of individuals do not think they will receive compensation from their employers to help cover their expenses, a recent study shows.

The latest American Pulse Survey, which included responses from 5,242 individuals, found nearly 90 percent of employed Americans do not expect a salary increase next year. Expecting their incomes to remain level, roughly 71 percent of the respondents said they plan to only buy goods they need.

Without a raise, consumers could face even worse financial challenges next year, which is why many are turning to money management strategies like budgeting to help them stay afloat.

In addition to following a strict financial plan, some consumers may also look to improve their credit scores in order to save money on auto premiums and mortgage rates. While responsible bill payment and careful credit use remain effective methods for improving credit, others may want to also explore credit repair services.

By working with a credit lawyer to identify questionable or problematic marks that may be unfairly hurting their credit scores, consumers may find the evidence they need to file a dispute. This process could lead to the removal of the negative items, allowing credit scores to be a more accurate reflection of consumers' credit use.