New reports signal positive direction for employment market

U.S. consumers who have struggled to find employment or keep their current job may have reason to celebrate. According to two recently released reports, not only did employment opportunities grow in March, but February saw job losses decline.

Positive gains in the jobs market may help consumers who have struggled to meet their debt obligations finally get a handle on their bad credit.

Business processing company, ADP, recently found the private sector added 201,000 jobs in March. For the past four months, the average monthly increase in employment has been 211,000 jobs, CNNMoney reports.

Job gains have been met with fewer job losses, according to consulting firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, which found employment cuts declined 18 percent in February.

With more Americans going back to work, many may now have the financial means to pay down their existing debt and get their finances back in order. As a result of paying down credit cards and other revolving accounts, these consumers will likely see significant credit score increases. Even so, these individuals should check their credit reports in order to be sure where their credit currently stands.

In reviewing these documents, consumers may find that their credit scores are being unfairly lowered as a result of a questionable or errant item. After working hard to improve their credit use, seeing a questionable mark negatively affecting their scores may cause an individual to feel crestfallen and out of luck.

However, these consumers may be able to file a dispute to help remove any unfair blemishes on their credit documents. By working with a credit lawyer, they may have the support they need to go through the credit repair process.