Poll: 83 percent willing to help their financially-distressed neighbors

Should a homeowner be experiencing money troubles, they may want to reach out to their neighbor for help.

After surveying 17,000 people about the state of the economy and how willing they'd be to help their neighbors if they were having financial difficulty, Harris Interactive found 83 percent would be amenable to assisting.

"This data shows that, even in the age of social networking and technology-driven interactions, those who live near us remain important sources of support and even happiness," said Keith Hampton, a communications professor at the University of Pennsylvania. "Throughout this and other research, it's clear that Americans still value neighbors."

The survey also revealed how individuals would help those living near them, as 45 percent said they'd help them find a job, 44 percent said they'd offer to cook meals and 15 percent stated they would be willing to let them borrow money.

Should neighbors have bad credit, suggesting they meet with a credit repair company may be advisable. These organizations may be able to discover what's causing a low FICO score, as it may result from inappropriate or unsubstantiated claims made by creditors and others who provide consumer information to credit bureaus.