Poll: Consumers stressed about personal debt

After lawmakers negotiated and finally came to an accord about raising the country's debt ceiling, consumers are also struggling with high levels of unpaid expenses.

According to a recent poll conducted by The Associated Press, one in five Americans worry about how they're going to pay off their bills all or most of the time. This latest poll is in stark contrast to a similar one conducted last fall, as results indicated optimism about personal finances.

"It's not that our debt is huge," said Theresa Telford in an interview with the news service. Telford is a teacher's aide who raises four children with her husband, who works as a sheriff's deputy. "It's just hard to make it, month to month. It seems like everything is going up."

The survey also indicated where stress levels tended to be most prominent, finding that households making less than $20,000 annually reported the highest amount of anxiety.

Something else that can perpetuate financial uneasiness is discovering one's credit report has been tainted with an errant charge. This can cause a consumer's clean credit to fall into bad credit territory. Fortunately, a credit repair company may be able to identify these markings and offer a credit solution.