Poll: Economy increasing families’ anxiety

The plethora of negative news regarding the nation's economic vitality appears to be causing elevated levels of stress among families, according to a new poll from Rasmussen Reports.

The polling company's latest survey indicates nearly 70 percent of American adults are distressed by the economic climate, and it is having an impact on their spouses and kids. When a similar poll was conducted at this same time last year, the figure was 10 percent lower.

Perhaps as a result of the increased anxiety, consumer sentiment is low as well, as a new survey from mortgage lender Fannie Mae indicates 70 percent believe the economy is heading in the wrong direction.

"The impact of recent financial market volatility on household wealth has been a setback to consumer confidence, which we're seeing in our survey results and in Americans' continued restraint in their willingness to take on additional financial commitments," said Doug Duncan, chief economist of Fannie Mae.

While sentiment may increase a consumer's willingness to buy, a bad credit rating can prevent them from buying at a reasonable interest rate. Should a negative FICO score result from unfair or inaccurate credit report listings, a credit lawyer may be able to help rebuild credit, benefiting not only the consumer but the economy at large.