Poll of employers: Workers’ performance level suffers in summer

When the summer temperatures rise, employees' performance levels fall, according to a recent survey of employers nationwide.

The job search website CareerBuilder.com found that approximately 26 percent of employers believe their workers' efficiency and productivity tends to decline in the summertime, and nearly half said they believe their employees are overworked.

"The recession produced consequences for not just those who were laid off, but also for the many employees who were asked to work harder as a result of leaner staffs," said Brent Rasmussen, president of CareerBuilder. "While getting more out of a smaller workforce is a sign of organizational agility during unpredictable times, it’s hard to see such yields in productivity holding forever. Headcount will be needed to meet increasing demands.

As to worker burnout, 46 percent said they were giving their employees heavier workloads.

Because workers are being stretched thin, operator error may occur more frequently among customer service agents at banks and other companies that report information to credit bureaus, potentially affecting a consumer's credit report. A credit repair company may be able to identify any unfair or errant statements that may lead to bad credit scores.