Public sector feeling employment pinch

American job seekers who thought they might be able to find employment with their local or state governments may want to rethink their job prospects, according to CNN Money.

Market analysts, IHS Global Insight, say that during the third quarter of this year, governments throughout the country are expected to cut roughly 110,000 jobs.

"We're on a downward path," Greg Daco, principal U.S. economist at the organization, told the news source. "It's not looking good."

Since the sector peaked in August 2008, public opportunities have decreased by 510,000, according to CNN Money.

With the public sector struggling to add jobs and the unemployment rate lingering above 9 percent, many consumers may think their job search is hopeless. However, one way some individuals may improve their chances of landing employment is by improving their credit scores.

A number of hiring managers use credit checks to weed out candidates with poor scores. This means that a person with a number of credentials and extensive work experience may miss out on an opportunity because he or she has a poor three-digit number.

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