Some may be slow to adopt even top-notch rewards offers

In recent months, the value of rewards card offers has been rising steadily, particularly for consumers who have the best available credit scores, but despite those increases, many lenders may still be having difficulty finding traction in the current marketplace.

Despite increased marketing efforts on the part of the nation's largest credit card lenders, some consumers may be cautious in accepting new offers, and in many cases, those that do have changed their habits, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. In many cases, while spending is returning to normal levels, particularly among affluent cardholders, a large number of those with strong credit scores also aren't carrying a sizable balance from one month to the next, if they're carrying one at all.

This is why many of the most rewarding offers sent out by lenders these days also come with thresholds that only grant consumers the maximum benefits after they spend thousands of dollars on the account within the first few months, the report said.

Consumers who want to ensure their credit standing is at its best should order copies of their credit reports to ensure there are no unfair markings with those files.