Study identifies states with best, worst credit scores

Credit advocate company recently released a report that found Florida consumers are struggling to maintain a high credit score.

Florida ranks 32 in the United States in terms of its residents' average credit score. The score dropped from 662 in February 2010 to 656 last month. The South Florida Business Journal said the state's high unemployment and foreclosure figures are two reasons for the credit rating drop.

Consumers who live in Massachusetts averaged a credit score of 684, which is the highest in the country. Mississippi was on the opposite end, with its residents averaging a score of 631.

Individuals who want to improve their credit scores should start by reviewing their credit reports. Checking the accuracy of these documents is an effective way to see if your score has been unfairly lowered due to a mistaken item.

If you come across an errant mark on your credit report, you may benefit from contacting a credit repair company. Credit professionals may be able to work with creditors and the credit bureaus to remove an unfair or problematic item. By removing the mark, you may see your score rise, helping to make you a more attractive loan applicant.