Survey finds Americans losing confidence in homeownership

Previous polls have suggested homeownership is considered by many to be a crucial component of the American dream. But a new survey suggests that belief may be dwindling.

According to a Rasmussen Reports survey taken in July, only 43 percent of respondents said purchasing a home was the best investment a family could make. A similar poll was conducted in June, and at that time, 47 percent believed it was a great buying decision for a family.

Something else pointing to homeowners' pessimism about the housing market is a separate poll, also conducted by Rasmussen, which found 57 percent of Americans believe interest rates will rise in a year, potentially making it more difficult for homeowners to purchase a home due to increased mortgage rates.

Whether interest rates rise or not may be immaterial if consumers have bad credit, as lenders take their financial histories into account when deciding whether or not to approve their mortgage applications. If a poor credit score is resulting from an inaccurate or unsubstantiated claim, a credit attorney may be able to identify that and offer a credit solution.