Survey finds startups looking to add workers

Consumers who are looking for a new job may want to get their credit in order and practice their interviewing skills, as Silicon Valley Bank's Startup Outlook 2011 found 83 percent of its surveyed startups plan to hire new workers this year.

The financial institution's survey, which consisted of 375 U.S.-based companies in the hardware and clean-tech sectors, found two out of three surveyed executives think the economy's current conditions for business operations is better than it was last year. This factor, combined with a growing sense of optimism, have many companies looking to take on new workers.

A number of employers use credit checks during the hiring process to gauge an applicant's level of responsibility. Often, individuals with poor scores are eliminated from the hiring pool before the interviewing process even takes place.

As a result, job seekers may benefit from reviewing their credit reports and making sure all of their information is up to date and accurate. Any inaccurate or questionable items on their documents may be unfairly lowering their score, and thus, making them less desirable job candidates. Individuals who spot a problematic error or credit reporting mistake may want to contact a credit repair attorney, as he or she may be able to work with the credit bureaus to remove the blemish quickly and efficiently.