The shape of credit cards to come

In a world where consumer adoption of mobile wallets is expected to be rather widespread within the next few years, some are at least still wondering about the viability of traditional plastic and where those cards may go.

There are a number of ways that credit card issuers might continue to make traditional plastic cards attractive to borrowers even as mobile wallets become more ubiquitous and popular in the near future, according to a report from financial news site The Street. This may be especially important now because of some consumers' reluctance to adopt the newer payment method.

More cards are now being issued with greater security features, and many companies have plans in the work to begin issuing plastic that can tie "apps" to an account, the report said. However, rollout of these cards has been slow to this point because many merchants don't have the equipment necessary to process some new types of card payment.

While greater credit card security is of considerable importance, consumers shouldn't stop there. It is also a good idea for them to check their credit report regularly. Doing so may help them identify errant or unfair markings that may be dragging down their credit scores.