Top-rated consumers seeing surge of offers

Consumers who have the strongest credit ratings have recently seen the number of offers for new credit card accounts increase significantly.

Competition for high-quality credit borrowers is increasing among lenders, and as conditions improve, so too are the number of offers they extend to consumers with credit scores of 740 or more, according to a report from Birmingham, Alabama, television station WIAT. Meanwhile, however, offers are also expanding for those who currently have subprime credit ratings.

"It's more predictable about who will be able to repay their debt," Nessa Feddis of the American Bankers Association told the news station. "They've eliminated a lot of the debt that people weren't able to pay."

Another reason for this shift is that banks now make more money from credit card transaction fees than they do for debit use, which has prompted them to try to incentivize spending on credit cards, the report said. During the recession, many consumers relied primarily on debit cards to make everyday purchases.

Consumers who want to ensure they have the best possible credit score should order copies of their credit reports. After checking these documents for unfair markings, they can work with a credit repair law firm to mitigate the problems.