Tourism spending up for U.S. travelers

U.S. travelers appear to be spending more on their trips than they have in previous years, according to Visa's recent Tourism Outlook: USA.

The credit card issuer found Visa cardholders who traveled to Canada spent $3.5 billion on their Visa cards last year – an 8 percent increase from 2009. These tourists were followed by visitors to Mexico, who spent $3.1 billion, or 7 percent more than they did the previous year.

The rise in consumer credit use indicates consumers may feel more optimistic and confident about their financial standing. Many individuals decreased their credit card use during the economic downturn in order to cut back on their debt and get their credit under control.

With more Americans going back to work, a number of individuals now have access to the resources they need to pay down their debt and improve their credit scores. Yet some may still have bad credit despite paying off their balances in full each month.

This is because a number of consumers have questionable or inaccurate items on their credit reports that are dragging down their scores. Individuals can investigate or dispute any credit reporting mistake or problematic item that may be damaging their credit. With the help of a credit repair company, victims of these types of errors may be able to remove an unfair blemish from their documents, which in turn may give them the clean credit they deserve.