U.S. Bank unveils new EMV card for businesses

Employees of companies who regularly travel overseas may now be able to have an easier time making credit card payments when abroad thanks to a new offering from a major credit card lender.

The new Global EMV Corporate Card from U.S. Bank will allow business travelers to make purchases using the credit card payment system that is prevalent in all other major countries, allowing for greater ease in completing transactions. These cards, which use an embedded microchip and require the user to enter a PIN code to verify the purchase, are more widely accepted overseas than the traditional magnetic strip cards that are still popular in the U.S.

"For international business travelers, the U.S. Bank Global EMV Card delivers greater convenience and compatibility with overseas merchants," said Jeff Rankin, senior sales and marketing officer for U.S. Bank Corporate Payment Systems. "It allows cardholders to go anywhere in the world with confidence."

EMV cards are far more secure than traditional cards because of how they store payment data, but consumers who want to protect their finances should also be sure to order copies of their credit reports. Doing so may help them identify unfairly reported items within those files.