U.S. economy expected to have added 178,000 jobs in May

The millions of unemployed Americans may receive some positive news this week, according to a recent CNN Money survey.

The news source's survey of economists expects that the U.S. economy took on 178,000 jobs in May, helping to bring the unemployment rate down to 8.9 percent from 9 percent a month earlier. Although the expected job gains is still less than the 244,000 achieved in April, a number of other reports indicate that consumer confidence has increased during May.

With more jobs being added, unemployed or underemployed consumers may want to do everything they can to improve their chances of landing a new opportunity. Because many hiring managers are using credit checks to weed out applicants with poor credit, individuals may want to take steps to get their finances in order before submitting their resumes.

One way a number of consumers have been able to improve their three-digit numbers is by searching for errors and other unfairly reported items on their credit reports. Credit companies, like all organizations, make mistakes. In some cases, they may report an account as delinquent when it fact, the accountholder made payments on time and in full. In other cases, they may not have followed the rules that allow them to report information to credit bureaus at all.

Victims of credit reporting errors and other examples of unfair credit reporting may want to contact a credit repair company, which may know how to work with credit companies and credit bureaus to resolve the situation efficiently and effectively.