Unemployment figures indicate some citizens having tougher time than others

Many U.S. consumers may be reveling in the fact that the unemployment rate has decreased during the past few months to the 8.8 percent mark recorded in March.

However, while the drop has signaled a beacon of hope for a number of unemployed individuals, a new report indicates blacks and Latinos have less reason to celebrate. The Huffington Post recently said the unemployment rate for black workers rose from 15.3 to 15.5 percent last month; in comparison,  7.9 percent of white workers were without a job.

Howard University sociologist, Roderick Harrison, says black and Latino males have had a difficult time obtaining employment because many of the industries currently adding workers are typically sectors that hire more women than men, the report said.

With a number of employers now factoring in credit scores during the hiring process, it may be especially important that these males check their credit reports for any inaccuracies or mistaken items that could be unfairly hurting their three-digit numbers.

Consumers who seek the assistance of a credit repair attorney may be able to investigate and dispute these problematic items quickly, helping them to restore their credit before sitting down for a job interview.