Using Wi-Fi could increase credit fraud risk

While consumers know not to leave their wallets exposed, many fail to practice similar safety precautions while shopping online.

Recent research indicates 60 percent of Americans have been the victim of credit fraud and identity theft, a number that is comparable to those who use wireless Internet to shop in public places.

"Just because Wi-Fi is available does not mean that you should be using it to do your banking, your shopping," said Susan Koeppen, a Consumer Correspondent for CBS' The Early Show. "If you're in a public place and you're using that public Wi-Fi, be very, very careful if you are going to go on and look at your bank statement, or use your credit card."

Consumers who become the victims of credit fraud or identity theft could end up with expensive credit damage. This can cost consumers time and effort to fix, as the individual must notify merchants, banks and credit bureaus of the fraudulent charges.

However, by contacting a credit repair attorney, consumers can receive help investigating their claims. In addition, individuals can get the information to help them on the path toward rehabilitating their finances, which may have suffered as a result of fraudulent activity.